Repair of circular saw blades

Good service doesn’t end with selling a tool, no…truly good service continues exactly at that point.

As one of the leading manufacturers of precision circular saw blades, we are capable of repairing and maintaining your circular saw blades as well as to sharpen them, no matter if they are

  • Carbide tipped circular saw blades
  • Solid carbide circular saw blades
  • Cermet circular saw blades
  • HSS (DMo5) circular saw blades
  • HSS-E (Co5) circular saw blades
  • HSS segment circular saw blades

that only need to be re-sharpened or if damaged cutting edges need to be repaired.

The re-sharpening of your tools takes place on production machines, partly in the chaotic system so that very urgent orders can also be managed. In very urgent cases, a delivery of your tools within a few hours is possible.

Should you wish to learn more about the repair potential of your tools, do not hesitate to contact us and we will work out an economic solution with you based on which you will save costs!