Solid carbide circular saw blades

Our solid carbide (VHM) circular saw blades are available in the diameter range from 15 to 300 mm and offer various applications as well as outstanding properties regarding cutting data and cut qualities.
In addition to our special teeth forms, adjusted to our clients’ needs, we also manufacture special teeth forms according to the standards provided by the DIN (German Institute for Standardization
), which are:

  • DIN 1837
  • DIN 1838
  • DIN 1840

You cannot only increase the cutting speed triple or fourfold with our solid carbide circular saw blades, compared to the usual HSS-circular saw blades, thanks to decreased cutting time, but also get especially burr-free cuts, a higher tool lofe as well as better surface roughness (Rz).

However, the use of solid carbide circular saw blades requires the following conditions:

  • Steady and vibration-free machines
  • As big as possible flange diameters
  • Backlash-free mounting of the spindle
  • Exact concentricity
  • etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our products or if you wish to learn more about all the possible applications.